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The MWMC organized a sub committee to develop an implementation plan for the Northwest Miramichi River Management Plan.

The plan contained 30 Action Items which were looked at in terms of the following:

  • What is required for implementation ?
  • Who would undertake or lead the initiative ?
  • How can the MWMC support the work necessary to achieve implementation of   the measure ?
  • What funding, if any, is required and can we identify sources that could be secured to enable implementation ?
  • What contacts need to be made to facilitate implementation ?

The sub-committee met four times and the minutes of these meeting with the results of the review are available below.

One year after introducing the plan we are happy to say many issues have been addressed or begun to be addressed. There is more work to be done however.

Read our summary of where we are now: NW Management Plan - Year One Summary

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